Level 0 Ranged
Level 0 Melee
Orky Armor
Level 0 Armor
Level 1 Ranged
Big Shoota
Level 1 Ranged
Teleporta Pack
Level 1 Armor
Booby Traps
Level 1 Accessory
Battery Pack
Level 1 Accessory
Level 2 Accessory
Eavy Armor
Level 3 Armor
Speshul Tools
Level 4 Accessory
Trophy Rack
Level 5 Commander
Cybork Parts
Level 6 Accessory
Big Choppa
Level 7 Melee
Sturdy Bitz
Level 8 Accessory
Mad Teleporta Pack
Level 9 Armor
Level 10 Commander
Boom Time!
Level 11 Accessory
Rokkit Launcha
Level 12 Ranged
Dok's Tools
Level 13 Accessory
Electric Armor
Level 14 Armor
Bouncy Shield
Level 15 Accessory
Dakka Deffgun
Level 16 Ranged
Proximity Mines
Level 17 Accessory
Uge Bombz
Level 18 Accessory
Kustom Force Field
Level 19 Armor
Boss Poll
Level 20 Commander

Slugga (Mekboy Level 0, Ranged Slots 1)
Default gun. This pitiful Slugga is as good for bashin' things as it is for shootin'.
Damage: 4Range: 25Freqency: 0.5
Reload: Every 1-3 shots for 4sAccuracy: 0.5 open, x0.5 light, x0.25 heavy, x1.0 moveBurst: 1 in 1s

Choppa (Mekboy Level 0, Melee Slots 1)
Default weapon. This pitiful excuse for a sharp object does not make the ideal weapon.
Damage: 4.0Speed: 1.0

Orky Armor (Mekboy Level 0, Armor Slots 1)
Default Armor. Protects some of the softer spots but not much else.
Armor: 62Damage Mitigation: 23%

Burna (Mekboy Level 1, Ranged Slots 2)
Large Area-of-Effect damage great at melting down large groups of smaller enemies.
Damage: 6Range: 20 cone of 5Freqency: 0.0
Reload: noneAccuracy: 1.0 alwaysBurst: 1 in 3-5s
Grants Trait: Area of Effect-Deals area of effect damage.
Grants Trait: Ignores Cover-Attacks ignore the effect o the cover the enemy is in.

Big Shoota (Mekboy Level 1, Ranged Slots 2)
High direct-damage ranged weapon ideal at cutting down single targets.
Damage: 44Range: 33Freqency: 0.0
Reload: noneAccuracy: 0.5 open, x0.5 light, x0.25 heavy, x0.5 moveBurst: 10 in 1s

Teleporta Pack (Mekboy Level 1, Armor Slots 1)
Allows the Mekboy to teleport around the battlefield.
Armor: 22Damage Mitigation: 9%
Grants Ability: Telporta-7e, Teleport to chosen location.
Teleporta: recharge 2, range 50, delay 0.1

Booby Traps (Mekboy Level 1, Accessory Slots 1)
Traps can be scattered in a target area. Enemies who trigger these traps suffer significantly reduced movement speed and accuracy.
Grants ability: Booby Traps- 25e, Scatter booby traps in an area.? Enemies who trigger them suffer significantly reduced speed and accuracy.
Booby Traps: recharge 5, range 30, explosion in radius 3 inflicts 5 damage, in radius 11 max speed x0.4 and accuracy x0.25 for 12s.

Battery Pack (Mekboy Level 1, Accessory Slots 1)
Grants the ability to give Energy to a friendly unit and restore their Health.
Grants ability: ?Ave a taste-30e, Gives energy and health to target ally.
Battery Pack: recharge 5, range 25, +30 energy and +30 health.

Mega-Rumblah (Mekboy Level 2, Accessory Slots 1)
Grants the ability to knock down enemy infantry in a large radius around the Mekboy for the duration of the ability.
Grants ability: Mega-Rumblah-35e, Knock down enemy infantry in a large radius around the mekboy.
Mega-Rumblah: recharge 15, duration 15, radius 25, delay 2s, weapons disabled and unit knockback, from s2 to s12 damage 2 with radius 6.

Eavy Armor (Mekboy Level 3, Armor Slots 1)
With this armor the Mekboy is a tough fungal egg to crack.
Armor: 180+75 healthDamage Mitigation: 56%

Speshul Tools (Mekboy Level 4, Accessory Slots 1)
Not currently available
+25 energy

Trophy Rack (Mekboy Level 5, Commander Slots 1)
Terrifies nearby enemies reducing their damage.
Grants trait Fearsome Aura-Nearby enemies deal 35% less damage.? Multiple fearsome auras only add 15%.
Trophy Rack: radius 40, enemy damage modifier x0.8x0.85 = x0.68, with 2 trophy = x0.57, with 3 trophy x0.49.

Cybork Parts (Mekboy Level 6, Accessory Slots 1)
These bitz make the Mekboy dead 'ard.
Armor +66, On Teleporta Pack: +23% mitigation
Mad Telporta Pack: +18% mitigation, Electric Armor: +22% mitigation
Kustom Force Field: +21% mitigation, ?Eavy Armor: +14% mitigation

Big Choppa (Mekboy Level 7, Melee Slots 1)
Enemies killed with this Choppa restore a portion of the Mekboy's Energy.
Damage: 16.0Special Chance: 7.5%Speed: 1.0
Special Radius: 6Special Damage: 32Special Delay: 0.8
Grants Trait: Invigorating-Regain 5 energy whenever you kill an enemy.

Sturdy Bitz (Mekboy Level 8, Accessory Slots 1)
Theses bitz make the Mekboy impossible to knock down.
Grants trait: Unshakeable-The mekboy can?t be knocked down.

Mad Teleporta Pack (Mekboy Level 9, Armor Slots 1)
Carrying a malfunctioning teleportation device this heavier armor offers unpredictable protection from melee enemies.
Armor: 86Damage Mitigation: 31%
Grants trait: Reactive teleport-50% chance on hit when hit in melee to teleport the attacker to a random location.
Grants trait: Reactive teleport-15% when hit in melee to be teleported to a random location.? When teleported this way you gain a short period of invulnerability.

Roks (Mekboy Level 10, Commander Slots 1)
Grants the ability to order a massive Rok strike on a targeted position.
Grants ability: Roks-50e, Order a massive rok strike on a targeted position.
Roks: duration 10, recharge 20, range 50, 22x 20 damage radius 2, 2x 60 damage radius 8, 2x 60 damage radius 6, 2x 35 damage radius 4, 4x 10 damage radius 3

Boom Time! (Mekboy Level 11, Accessory Slots 1)
Makes the Mekboy useful even in death.
Grants trait: Boom Time- Powerful explosives detonate when the mekboy is killed.

Rokkit Launcha (Mekboy Level 12, Ranged Slots 2)
Although an unreliable damage-dealer this weapon is great for knocking down and disrupting clusters of units.
Damage: 3x18Range: 33Freqency: 4.0
Reload: noneAccuracy: 0.2 open, x0.75 light, x0.25 heavy, no moveBurst: 1 in 1s
Grants trait: Armor Piercing-Ignores up to 200 armor.
Grants Trait: Knockdown-Attacks with this weapon knockdown the enemy.
Grants Trait: Salvo-Shoots three rockets at once.
radius x damage, 0.5x1, 1x0.5, 2x0.25, 5x0.1

Dok's Tools (Mekboy Level 13, Accessory Slots 1)
Good for keeping nearby friends up while the Mekyboy takes a pounding.
Grants trait: Reactive Zeal-Whenever you take damage you have a chance to heal all nearby allies for 10 health.
Dok Tools: probability 0.5% for ranged, 7% for melee, radius 15.

Electric Armor (Mekboy Level 14, Armor Slots 1)
Electric shocks damage all nearby enemies.
Armor: 32Damage Mitigation: 13%
Grants Trait: Damage Aura-Nearby enemies take damage.
Damage Aura: radius 10, every 0.5s 1+2.5+0.03 damage

Bouncy Shield (Mekboy Level 15, Accessory Slots 1)
Grants the ability to knockback all nearby infantry for a short period of time.
Grants ability: Bouncy Sheild-20e, Force field that knocks away enemies near the mekboy.
Bouncy Shield: recharge 5, duration 15, range 25, radius 6.

Dakka Deffgun (Mekboy Level 16, Ranged Slots 2)
Suppression weapon can control large groups of units but takes time to set-up and deploy.
Damage: 26Range: 42Freqency: 1.2
Reload: noneAccuracy: 0.5 open, x0.5 light, x0.25 heavy, no moveBurst: 10 in 2s
Grants trait: Suppression-Suppresses enemy units.
Grants trait: Set up weapon-The mekboy will take a short time to set up before firing.
setup 2s, teardown 1s
suppression radius 15

Proximity Mines (Mekboy Level 17, Accessory Slots 1)
Mines can be scattered in a target area. When triggered by an enemy they cause knockdown damage in a large radius.
Grants ability: Proximity Mines-25e, Scatter mines in an area.? When triggered by the enemy they cause knockdown damage in a large radius.
Proximity Mines: recharge 5, range 30, during explosion inflicts 20 damage in a radius of 3, and knockback in a radius of 7.

Uge Bombz (Mekboy Level 18, Accessory Slots 1)
Placed on the ground these explosives can be triggered for a 'Uge Kaboom.
Grants ability: ?Uge Kaboom-35e, Plant a large pack of explosives at the target location.? Detonate explosives by clicking on them.
Uge Bombz: recharge 5, 5s to place, hitpoints 50, health regeneration 3, explosion damage 60 in radius 10 and damage 40 in radius 4.

Kustom Force Field (Mekboy Level 19, Armor Slots 1)
Can make the Mekboy invulnerable. for a while.
Armor: 44Damage Mitigation: 17%
Grants Ability: Kustom Force Field-15e, Make the mekboy invulnerable for a short duration.
Kustom Force Field: duration 10, recharge 15, required min 20 energy

Boss Poll (Mekboy Level 20, Commander Slots 1)
Increases the Mekboy's health and grants suppression immunity to him and all surrounding allies.
Grants Trait: Resilient Leadership-+100 health to nearby allies.
Grants Trait: Fearless Leadership-All nearby allies are immune to suppression.
Boss pole: radius 40

The Ork Mekboy (Mekboy Level 99, Hero Slots 99)